Facilitate communication & enhance CRM

Facilitate communication for better account management

The comprehensive affiliate CRM tool improves internal and external communications. Support strategic account management and informed decision making through an integrated system.

It provides:

  • Integrated CRM tool for efficient affiliate management
  • Internal & external mailing capabilities (HTML & plain-text bulk messaging)
  • Message-of-the day alerts & automated messaging
  • CSV, XML & HTML-compatible exportable mailing lists

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All online ads & campaigns on one platform

Managing multiple ads in different locations is time consuming. Manage and update online ads from a central location for all of your major ad file formats.

We provide management of:

  • Banners
  • Text links
  • JavaScript
  • Conextra
  • iFrames

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Streamline marketing campaigns via in-depth reporting

Understand the results of your affiliate marketing campaigns and channels through a suite of reporting and analytics tools.

  • Brand, affiliate, player & creative- level reporting for affiliate programmes
  • Conversion ratios & deposits to registrations & revenue
  • Custom reports
  • Reports exportable in XML, CSV & HTML
  • Reports distribution by email subscription & API
  • Offline ad channel tracking & reporting of affiliate programmes & other channels

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Flexible commission structure and payments to optimise campaign performance.

Provide your affiliate managers a fully-integrated payment processing tool that offers flexible custom built commission structures for affiliate payments.

We provide:

  • Tiered & flat revenue share
  • Tiered & flat CPA
  • Referral commissions
  • Hybrid commissions
  • Automated commission structures
  • Flexible payment methods, thresholds & rollover amounts
  • Live payments
  • Payment reporting & automated invoice & spreadsheet generation

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Build a platform targeted to your specific business needs

Create a custom-built interface that is personalized and built for your affiliate marketing campaigns. With almost limitless integration options, you can migrate your existing affiliate programmes, simply and quickly.

Customise your platform by:

  • Languages
  • Currencies
  • Keywords
  • Custom affiliate programme reports

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Maximise ROI for your affiliate marketing campaigns

Track and analyse all acquisition channels for your affiliate marketing campaigns to boost your ROI.

We provide:

  • Data-rich reports for all verticals
  • Tracking all acquisition channels (online, mobile & offline)
  • Analysis of end-ROI

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